U.S. Office of Energy Efficieny and Renewable Energy 2016-2020 Strategic Plan

EERE strategic plan

The 2016-2020 and Implementing Framework from the Office of and (EERE) is the blueprint for launching the nation’s leadership in the global clean energy economy. This document will guide the organization to build on decades of progress in powering our nation from clean, affordable and secure energy.

Strategic Plan highlights include:

– 7 strategic goal sections aligned along EERE’s core technology sectors and crosscutting areas

– EERE’s Investment Approach and Core Questions to prioritize work and deliver value

– Success indicators to ensure EERE stays on track or adjusts its strategies as needed.

The 7 Strategic Goals Are:

  • Goal 1: Accelerate the Development and Adoption of Sustainable Transportation Technologies
  • Goal 2: Increase the Generation of Electric Power from Renewable Resources
  • Goal 3: Improve the Energy Efficiency of Our Homes, Buildings, and Industries
  • Goal 4: Stimulate the Growth of a Thriving Domestic Clean Energy Manufacturing Industry
  • Goal 5: Enable the Integration of Clean Electricity into a Reliable, Resilient, and Efficient Grid
  • Goal 6: Lead Efforts to Improve Federal Sustainability and Implementation of Clean Energy Solutions
  • Goal 7: Enable a High-Performing, Results-Driven Culture through Effective Management Approaches and Processes

Read the whole document here.

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