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Scotland Banks On Ocean Energy Conversion Technology

In order to move away from fossil fuels completetly in the coming years, we will need to utilize every form of renewable energy. This includes, biomass,bio-fuel,solar pv,solar thermal, on and offshore wind, wave and tidal power. We will need the energy from the sea to power desalinzation units and add to the clean grid to power our economies.

Getting electricity from the sea is still in early stages compared to solar or wind energy industries. But there are advantages which encourage more and more countries to look to the sea as a source of clean and renewable energy for the future.

Scotland Banks On Ocean Energy Conversion Technology

Testing Tidal energy conversion technolgy at Orkney

In Scotland local governments have heavily invested in alternative energy, including tidal flows and waves, as the country prepares to eliminate its dependence on fossil fuels.  The emphasis for Scotland is on and around the Orkney Islands.

The Orkney Islands have become a test bed site for all manor of ocean energy technologies. Companies and entreprenuers can use the testing facilities to give their devices a real world test of ocean power conversion. This would be a very cool place to work and live if you like ocean clean energy technology and a life by the sea.

Scotland Banks On Ocean Energy Conversion Technology

The Orkney Islands a test site for ocean energy conversion technology

In this BBC report, produced from the Orkney Islands you will see the different types of ocean energy conversion technology being developed and tested.

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