The Green Power Pod to Provide Off-Grid Power to Remote Modular Health Clinics

The is a mobile off the grid hybrid solar/generator unit that can be trailer mounted or packaged in a shipping container providing portable solar as the primary power combined with a full back up power diesel generator for fast deployment anywhere in the world.

The power solution for their off grid remote sites is portable 10KW Green Power Pods with solar providing the primary power source and a diesel (or other fuel) generator providing a full redundant back up power source. Another featured solution was to have the generator automatically run when sensing low battery voltage to make up any battery deficit due to successive cloudy days limiting the generator to intermittently run 1-2 hours per day if required.

The Medical University is deploying the Green Power Pod from Global Green Solutions to power its pilot program of rapid deploy mobile health care clinics, for disaster relief, and for diagnosing and identifying outbreaks of pandemic diseases anywhere in the world.

“We are proud to provide our Green Power Pod products for such an important humanitarian effort, said Lylette Utz, Managing Partner of Global Green Solutions, LLC. We have combined another version of the Green Power Pod with Atmospheric Water Generators to create a mobile stand-alone off-grid operation also produces pure drinking water from the air. This can provide sustainable support in areas where safe drinking water is not available and could assist in providing sustainable food production and potential income for a family and can be expanded to villages worldwide using larger systems”

The Green Power Pod solar only with generator controls can be used to dramatically limit the run time of existing generators by 90% saving considerable fuel costs and greatly reducing carbon emissions.
Larger KW systems are available with a variety of combinations of generator sizes and solar only for primary power for off the grid solutions as a permanent installation or as portable that is easily deployed and relocated.

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