British Public Grows More Concerned About Climate Change – with Over a Third Saying They are More Worried Now Than Five Years Ago

climate change poll
This is the first ever disruptive rain-triggered advert using donated ad space, which will interrupt Storm's One Piccadilly screen in Piccadilly Circus for a week from the 24th November appearing every time it rains. (PRNewsFoto/ActionAid)

More than a third (38%) of the British public is more worried about climate change than they were five years ago[1], according to a new poll commissioned by ActionAid.

Of these people, a quarter (25%) say they are more concerned with the impact on people in developing countries. A week before global climate talks begin in France, the poll revealed that over half (53%) feel that not enough is being done by global leaders to tackle climate change.

The poll – carried out by YouGov and questioning 2,073 adults – revealed that overall more than half (52%) are worried about climate change generally.

The research is being released to coincide with the launch of a new rain-triggered advert on the digital display at Piccadilly Circus ahead of the London climate march on November 29th.

ActionAid UK Chief Executive Girish Menon said: “Far too often climate change is dismissed as an issue for the future. But climate change is happening now, and is already destroying the lives some of the poorest people in the world.

We are campaigning to show the devastating impact this is having on the lives of children in poorer countries like Bangladesh whose childhoods are being washed away by climate change. ActionAid is working hard to support people to adapt and survive the worsening storms in Bangladesh, but we cant do this alone.”

In Bangladesh, sea levels are rising and several coastal islands have been submerged under water. Hundreds of lives and livelihoods are being lost every year, as floods, cyclones and storms intensify. Already 50 children drown every day[2], and as the country becomes more waterlogged, their vulnerability to drowning is at an all-time high.

With the global climate talks in France taking place next week, ActionAid is urging the public to join their bloc at the London People’s Climate March on Sunday and demand that world leaders put the needs of countries like Bangladesh first.

ActionAid UK Chief Executive Girish Menon said: “The London Climate March is an opportunity to call on global leaders to ensure that any deal puts the most vulnerable countries like Bangladesh first. Even if its something youve never done before, come along for a fun and inspiring day out, and help show the world that we stand with the people of Bangladesh.”

The striking advert, developed with pro-bono support from communications agency Weber Shandwick and donated space from media owner Clear Channel UK, will interrupt Storm’s One Piccadilly screen in Piccadilly Circus for a week from the 24th November appearing every time it rains.

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