World’s Largest Solar PV Carport is under Construction in Hangzhou Bay, China

World's largest solar PV carport
Image courtesy of Risen Energy.

The world’s largest solar PV carport began construction in Hangzhou Bay in the first half of 2015.  The first phase, with a capacity of 20MW, will use 255W  PV modules from Risen Energy.

The project total capacity is 55MW and covers an area about 20 soccer fields, which is enough space to park more than 20000 vehicles. It is the largest solar BIPV project in the world and will be used as a employee parking area at the Shanghai Volkswagen Ningbo Branch. 

Hangzhou Bay is implementing comprehensive development projects in an effort to overcome what is often referred to as urban diseaseand promote sustainable development.  According to a research report prepared by academics in China, Urban diseases involve adverse affects generated when there is huge disparity between anurban center’s resources and its social needs at crucial points in its development, and thefunctions of various overloaded sectors are thrown into disarray…In particular, the report cited a lack of provident city planning giving rise to such problems astraffic congestion and pollution.


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