Largest Solar Installation on a Place of Worship in North Carolina

solar installation Chapel Hill Church
United Church of Chapel Hill Solar System

This Sunday, members of a church in Chapel Hill, N. C. will dedicate a solar array installed by Yes! Solar Solutions of Cary, N.C.  United Church of Chapel Hill raised the funds for the 84.7 kilowatt solar system with a capital campaign.  The solar installation will generate approximately 60% of the electricity used by the church and is part of a long-term strategy to meet strategic carbon emissions reduction goals consistent with recommendations by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

  • 326 solar panels (260 watts each)
  • 4 SolarEdge inverters
  • 163 SolarEdge optimizers
  • 5,720 square feet of roof
  • Includes a solar trellis at the entrance

Project Evolution

Kathy Shea, a member of United Earth Ministries explains, “We were very impressed with the flexibility and creativity of Yes! Solar‘s approach to this project, especially their enthusiasm for the trellis array.  This highly visible part of the installation will be a permanent reminder to all who visit United Church of the importance of addressing climate change and caring for God’s creation as an integral part of our faith and practice.”  President Stew Miller says, “Yes! Solar has been fortunate to have won quite a few church contracts recently, but United Church of Chapel Hill is the crown jewel, and we are thrilled to be chosen the installer for the project.”  Yes! also installed a 4.08 kW system on the home of UCCH pastors Richard Edens and Jill Edens. (They practice what they preach.)

Impact of Solar

The system’s 84.76 kilowatts will generate 110,920 kilowatt hours of electricity each year, enough to power 10 homes each year and equivalent to annually:

  • Preventing 151,000 lbs. of carbon from the atmosphere
  • Eliminating 149,000 vehicle-miles from the road
  • Preventing 90,000 pounds of coal from being burned
  • Planting 1,760 trees to help sequester carbon

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