Effect OSG Unveils the First Operational EHT Wind and Solar Hybrid System Deployment

Hybrid wind and solar system

The Effect Operational Sales and Systems Group (Effect OSG) havecompleted the first operational deployment of an Enerdynamic Hybrid Technologies (EHT) optimized wind and solar hybrid system on the roof of a private home in the Laurentians in Quebec, Canada.

The EHT system comprises eight vertical axis wind turbines and solar panels fully integrated into an automated battery management and control system. These true hybrid systems, called EnerCubes, are new generation wind turbine that feature innovative vane design, along with breakthrough generator technology, making it highly efficient and superior to all current turbine technologies.

The Outback Power management system controls eight 500 watt EnerCubes, 3.8 kilowatt (kW) of solar panels and batteries with 54 kWh energy capacity. The system is featured at a private home in St-Adolphe D’Howard. The roof mounted EnerCubes boasts impressive features such as self-start at wind speeds as low as 1.7 meters per second (3.8 miles or 6.1 kilometers per hour) sustained rotation, low maintenance since the system has no drive shaft, no gear boxes, no brushes, bushings or slip rings; modular design, which allows ‘flat-packed’ shipping to the deployment site with plug and play installation; scalable, since they can be installed either as single functioning units or grouped together for additional power, low vibration, through the use of precision matched bearings, which are the only turbines’ moving parts; and no electromagnetic interference (EMI) since the generator emits a frequency of 14 HZ when operating at its rated output, which is too low to produce EMI.

Apart from EHT Operations, which provided stalwart deployment support, O² Globale Énergie, Phase3 Energy and EnShift Power are three of member companies of Effect OSG, which were involved in the hybrid project deployment. Other contributors include Gagnon & Zollner Maîtres Artisans, for system installation and building structure; Triacta Power Solutions, for power monitoring system; and Budget Propane, for gas heating systems, as an alternative to further reduce customers’ electrical bills.

Mr. John Gamble, President and CEO of Enerdynamic Hybrid Technologies Inc. stated, “We are most pleased to deliver an advanced wind and solar hybrid resource with key performance parameters.” Mr. Paul Dionne, President Effect OSG added that “as a specialist firm in linking client needs to custom fit energy solutions, we felt that introducing this wind generator technology, which turns with much greater ease than traditional turbines, gave our clients a significant edge in using an ultra-efficient wind energy system to be less dependent on electric utilities.”


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