New Master of Science (MSc.) in GPE New Energy Technologies

MSC in GPE New Energy Technologies
Technische Universität (TU) Berlin

After the successful cooperation with the . “Global Production Engineering Solar” (GPE Solar), the Technische Universität (TU) Berlin and the German company Renewables Academy (RENAC) have given a further step into preparing engineers for the latest renewable energy challenges with the launching of the international MSc. GPE New Energy Technologies (GPE NET). In October 2015, students from Latin America, Middle East, Asia and Europe started their first semester in Berlin (Germany).

GPE New Energy Technologies allows students to become experts in a specific renewable energy technology, or focus on the big picture, getting an insight into different technologies and their implementation fields. GPE NET  covers all aspects of the industrial value chain: from product development and production, over the planning, installation and operation of applications up to financing, law and management. Hot topics such as grid integration of renewable energy are also addressed.

According to Prof. Holger Kohl, GPE NET dean, “with the increasing competitiveness of these technologies and the global energy demand, growth rates in the renewable energy markets will remain positive in the foreseeable future, meaning good job opportunities for well-trained engineers” “For instance, in Germany, the Energiewende is motivating private companies, research institutes and organisations to develop solutions to accomplish the energy transition”, added Mr. Berthold Breid, RENAC CEO. “Also, many other countries are implementing policies to include renewable energy in their energy mix”

GPE New Energy Technologies provides managerial and technical competences from Germany, a leading country in the renewable energy sector, to access international job markets and support the development of local and national energy generation infrastructure. To conclude the degree, students have to undertake an internship of at least nine weeks. Additionally, field trips to production plants and international fairs are part of the academic program.

The TU Berlin is an internationally acclaimed university distinguished by its research and teaching excellence, highly qualified graduates and modern management.

RENAC, a globally operating expert on training for renewable energies and energy efficiency, serves as bridge between students and the industry.

For further information, please visit GPE NET website. Registration is possible annually from October to March.

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  • Bruce Miller says:

    This precious information, the keys to Solar Wind Wave Hydro Tidal and Geothermal energy, along with the skills behind anaerobic digestion, and other bio-mass energy sources must be collected, recorded and advanced by new discoveries in Physics, Chemistry, Math and Biology. Humanity can survive through these studies. Eventually Biological EROI and population control must do a very difficult dance. We have the tools, we have the knowledge, we do not have the will to make the necessary changes. This collection and expansion of knowledge is a step in the right direction for all mankind, and much more important than walking on the Moon or Mars.

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