Could a Solar Eclipse Disrupt the German Electrical Grid

total solar eclipse
Image courtesy of NASA.

Could a over Europe during the day affect the power generated by ’s photovoltaic systems or solar panels, thereby challenging the reliability of the electrical supply across the country?

A new analysis based on simulations and data from the partial solar eclipse that occurred over Europe on the morning of March 20th indicates that such shadowing causes a sudden drop in the power gradient, followed by a steep rise. However, during the shadowing on March 20th, the amount of imported power rose and the amount of exported power fell accordingly.

“The electrical power supply was not threatened and most likely would not have posed a significant problem even in a worst-case scenario,” said Sven Killinger, lead author of a study published this week in the journal Energy Technology.  This is indeed good news for the solar energy sector especially since these events occur so infrequently.  The next total solar eclipse that will be visible in Europe will not happen again until August 12, 2026, so lots of time to plan ahead.

In case you missed the actual event, here is a great video:

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