India Will Need to Develop Solar and Wind Energy Potential to Spur Economic Growth

Solar and Wind Energy Potential
Solar and Wind Energy Potential in India is Tremendous

Solar and Wind Energy Potential in India.

When we think of potential for renewable energy in India, we often focus on solar power. India does has terrific solar resources available to be used but they also have tremendous wind energy potential in many parts of the country. India will need to develop all forms of renewable energy to be able to power an economy that is trying to move people from poverty to the middle class. Here is news of another wind energy project by their very own wind energy technology developer Suzlon Group.

Suzlon Group, has completed the commissioning of 50.40 MW wind power turnkey project in their Jaisalmer Wind Park ( India) for Ostro Energy. The project will provide electricity to over 28,000 homes and reduce 0.10 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

The project comprises of 24 WTGs (Wind Turbine Generators) 2.1 MW each, is located in Tejuva, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. It forms an integral part of Suzlon’s Jaisalmer wind park, billed to be the country’slargest wind park with a cumulative capacity over 1300 MW. The S97 -90mts.hub height WTG features the time tested Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) technology which is designed to optimally harness the available wind resources. It not only delivers higher energy but also higher ROI for customers.

Suzlon leveraged its end-to-endsolutions expertise to oversee the project completion.Mr. Ranjit Gupta, CEO, Ostro Energy said,

The successful commissioning of our 50.40 MW Tejuva wind project signals ourambitious expansion plans in the renewable sector and is an important first milestone in Ostro’s journey to 800 MW of wind capacity. We see wind as a highly viable investment option with its techno-economic maturity and green credentials. Suzlon has been our partner of choice in our first foray into wind energy, given its time tested technological expertise and project execution capabilities.

Mr. Ishwar Mangal, Chief Sales Officer, Suzlon Energy said,

Clean energy solutions is fast becoming critical to the energy supply equation in India. We are delighted to extend India’s wind energy footprint, drawing on our deep understanding of the energy sector. The successful commissioning of this project is a testament of Suzlon’s ever evolving technology and project execution prowess. This success demonstrates our strength in partnering with IPPs towards capacity building of sustainable energy infrastructure.


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