Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada Installs Pilot Residential Solar PV and Energy Storage System

residential solar PV and energy storage system

Panasonic Eco Solutions  announced that it has completed the installation and commissioning of its first pilot in North America. The pilot installation is at a single home residence in Vaughan, Ontario. The battery storage system used in this installation is powered by Panasonic’s Lithium-ion batteries. When combined with panels in an installation, the panel-generated electricity can work in synergy with the battery via a hybrid inverter to provide energy management, security, and cost performance benefits.

At the heart of the battery storage system is a compact 10 kWh Lithium-ion battery module that comes paired with a unique hybrid inverter. The inverter allows electricity to be stored or discharged depending on the home’s needs, and converts from DC to AC or AC to DC on demand. The system also comes installed with a monitoring system and remote control device to help homeowners monitor their electricity usage patterns and set times for charge/discharge. The battery storage system can be programmed as a backup source of electricity during grid outages.

“Homeowners are primarily concerned with energy security, cost, and flexibility,” said Walter Buzzelli, Managing Director at Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada Inc. “Combining solar PV panels with the battery storage system gives homeowners the freedom to generate clean energy and manage their own consumption, such as when and how they obtain electricity and whether it is from the grid, battery, or solar panels. In short, it provides a way for homes to have a source of stand-by electricity.”

Similar to the way uninterruptable power supplies work, the battery storage system monitors the grid and senses when there is an outage. If a power loss is detected, the system automatically switches to back-up mode to provide electricity to the home. In addition to stand-by power applications, the battery storage system offers compelling cost performance for homeowners as it comes with a control system that can choose between charging the battery module with cheaper overnight grid power or daytime solar power, offering potential savings.

Panasonic also signed an agreement with  Royalpark Homes, a Woodbridge-based company, will be its first home builder to install Residential Solar PV + Battery Storage Systems as part of new home construction in the premiere community of Simcoe Shores in Barrie, Ontario.

The Simcoe Shores homeowners will realize a number of benefits including:

  • Clean energy source using a solar PV system paired with a hybrid inverter and a compact 10-kWh capacity Lithium-ion battery system powered by Panasonic batteries;
  • Lower utility bills by accessing the solar capabilities of the system;
  • Back-up/emergency power which offers peace of mind knowing the lights will stay on regardless of potential grid shortages;
  • A monitoring system and remote control device to help homeowners monitor their electricity usage patterns, and set times for charge/discharge of the battery;
  • Ability to better manage the cost of energy by using less energy from the grid during peak demand times.

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