Iberdrola Launches Smart Solar Solution

Iberdrola Solar PV
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presented a comprehensive solution geared towards boosting the development of solar photovoltaic power in Spain, at an event held at the Iberdrola Tower building in Bilbao, the company’s corporate headquarters.

The launch of the Smart Solar Iberdrola solution was attended by about 200 guests, including a broad section of Iberdrola customers interested in the proposal, as well as business associations, solar panel manufacturers, companies specialising in the installation and maintenance of solar panels, insurance companies and financial institutions. Various executives from the company were also in attendance, including the Head of Retail, Aitor Moso, and the Director of Efficiency and Energy Services, Raquel Blanco.

In this initiative, Iberdrola is offering its customers a comprehensive package that will include the design, assembly and connection of a fully customised solar installation, as well as a finance plan, advice, all-inclusive maintenance, and the possibility to manage and supervise their facilities using web tools and innovative applications.  The company will also be offering all the back-up energy that may be needed.

First of all, this turnkey solution proposed by the company will enable residential customers with single-family homes, SMEs, irrigation communities or major corporations to find out on a non-binding basis if solar power is an efficient alternative for them. If so, they will then be able to generate and consume their own electricity, thereby optimising consumption and enhancing the energy efficiency of their facilities.

To this end, Smart Solar Iberdrola will be supported by the most important manufacturers of this type of equipment and the best suppliers of installation and maintenance services, as well as leading insurance companies and financial institutions.   In other words, the company will be offering everything that is needed to make solar power an efficient alternative for homes and businesses alike.

Information in real time on mobile phones

The web tools and applications mentioned above will give customers real-time information on their mobile phones regarding the status of their solar facilities, how much energy they produce per day and the trends in the amount of energy consumed.

The launch of this innovative proposal by Iberdrola is another step ahead in its long-standing commitment to sustainable development and the environment, which is reflected in its position as world leader in the wind power sector, promoting the installation of energy infrastructure that does not produce CO2emissions.

Last Friday Iberdrola also presented a new retail product for those that are already generating solar photovoltaic power in Spain. On the one hand, the company will provide financial coverage so that the customer can ensure profitability and on the other, it will be in charge of maintenance work on the facilities to enable them to operate under optimal conditions.

The company therefore makes it clear that its vocation for service goes beyond the mere provision of an electricity supply, as it includes bespoke advice for customers.  Iberdrola is also intent on continuing to drive the paradigm shift in energy, just as it did 15 years ago with its ground-breaking commitment to wind power, with various innovative proposals for photovoltaic producers and all the customers that would like to make the sun their main source of energy.

 At the end of the first quarter of 2015, Iberdrola had 15.6 million contracts in Spain, 3.5% more than in the same period of the previous year, with an associated energy supply of 29,833 gigawatt hours (GWh). Of these contracts, 74% (over 11.5 million) were in the free market. The remaining 26% (some 4.1 million) were in the regulated market.

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