WATT Fuel Cell Powers The Catamaran Impossible Dream

WATT fuel cell

Corp. (WATT) is hoping that its exhibit of its hybrid system prototype will power great interest at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD, October 8 – 12, 2015.

WATT, with fuel cell technology that is quiet, light, efficient, and runs on readily available fuels, is making its way to Annapolis, Maryland after a stop last week at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. There, WATT’s hybrid power system was temporarily installed on the Impossible Dream, a universally accessible 60-foot sailing catamaran at the NMEA 2015 Conference and Expo.  WATT’s system successfully powered the Impossible Dream’s on-board electronics and charged the battery bank.

“The Impossible Dream is on a quest to find the most innovative products to make her as accessible and efficient as possible. When we first heard about the WATT system and its ability to charge our batteries, people said it wasn’t possible. The WATT team made it possible. They connected seamlessly to our NMEA network and demonstrated its power on board during the Conference,” said Harry Horgan, President of the Impossible Dream.   “We are proud to say that the WATT hybrid system is charging our dream!”

WATT’s hybrid power manager automatically provides efficient power on demand without engine noise or the smell of exhaust.  The system is designed to automatically manage battery state of charge, helping to extend battery life and application run times. The system can serve many markets including Marine and RV, Emergency Response and Remote Power.

“Vacationers, weekend warriors, and Marine and RV enthusiasts no longer need to rely on conventional noisy generators for recharging batteries, lighting, the GPS, TV, communications or refrigeration” said Caine Finnerty, Ph.D., President and CEO of WATT.  “With efficiencies up to three times greater than that of a typical generator, boaters using the WATT Fuel Cell System can feel confident that electric loads won’t leave them stranded.”

The fuel cell technology will not just benefit the RV and Marine world; it will also benefit both commercial and government sectors, including the military.  “WATT’s hybrid system offers a light weight, quiet and efficient power solution for the needs of a variety of potential markets.  It just so happens that WATT is starting with the Marine and RV markets.  They say silence is golden, imagine being able to enjoy the great outdoors without the constant drumming of a conventional generator in the background,” added Finnerty.

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