More Solar News from Japan as They Strive to Replace Nuclear Power with Clean Energy

First solar projects in Japan recieve funding
First solar projects in Japan recieve funding

More Solar News from Japan Regarding New Clean Energy Sources.

Japan is desperately searching for power sources to replace it’s aging and very unpopular nuclear reactors. Solar energy is one of the best options for this and investment in the country has soared in the past few years. Here is more good news on the subject regarding First Solar.

First Solar, Inc, has announced that Mizuho Bank Ltd. was extending a low interest construction loan facility of up to US$33 Million (4 billion yen) in Japan to First Solar Japan GK to develop utility-scale solar power plants. The financing will be available for funding construction of qualified projects in First Solar’s development pipeline in Japan. First Solar will engage with Japanese companies to construct the projects.

The financing underlines First Solar’s strong commitment to the development of Japan’s PV utility-scale solar industry.

Jack Curtis, First Solar’s Regional Manager for Asia Pacific said,

The loan facility offering for PV utility-scale solar projects will further enhance Japan’s ongoing efforts to reduce its dependency on imported fossil fuels. Mizuho Bank Ltd.’s support for First Solar’s project development is expected to encourage further participation with more private investments in the PV utility-scale solar sector in Japan.


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