Nevada Utility Says Customer Interest for Subscription Solar Pilot Program Strong

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NV Energy is seeking requests for proposals for up to 10 megawatts of solar photovoltaic resources to serve its newly proposed subscription that is pending Public Utilities Commission of Nevada approval.

The Subscription Solar program was proposed earlier this year in the Company’s “Integrated Resource Plan” filings and is intended to provide an additional opportunity for NV Energy customers to participate and help expand Nevada’s growing green economy and meet their personal sustainability goals.

NV Energy is specifically seeking proposals to secure between one and five megawatts of ground-mounted solar photovoltaic resources for northern Nevada and separate proposals for one to five megawatts of ground-mounted solar photovoltaic resources in southernNevada. The submission deadline is October 21, 2015.

Bidders may propose a portion of an existing solar photovoltaic resource currently under development, a new solar photovoltaic resource on property the bidder owns or controls, or a new solar photovoltaic resource on a company-owned parcel adjacent to the Fort Sage Substation in northern Nevada or adjacent to the Sun Peak Generating Station on the east side of Las Vegas.

Brief site tours will be offered to potential southern Nevada bidders on September 28 and northern Nevada bidders on September 29. Companies are welcome to make bids at both locations.

NV Energy noted that it will not enter into any contracts related to this RFP without the regulatory approval of the proposed pilot subscription solar program.

More than 25,000 NV Energy customers already have responded to a recently released customer survey about this pilot program. Initial survey results show an overwhelmingly positive response to the proposed subscription solar offering, which will help expand renewable energy options to all its customers, both residential and commercial, and which will help increase renewable energy use in Nevada.

If the program is approved as filed, customers who are either unable or unwilling to participate in existing rooftop renewable energy products will be able to subscribe to 100 kWh “blocks” of solar energy and in return will receive a solar production credit on their bill. The program will charge a small premium to customers, but does not require any long-term contracts or upfront investments.

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