Alstom Puts Its Ocean Energy Technologies on Display

Alstom ocean energy device

once again took part in the Thetis exhibition, the young but growing exhibition showcasing ocean energies, which took place last week in Nantes, north-western , where an emerging industrial cluster is taking shape.

The exhibition is one of increasing significance, bringing together a growing number of ocean energy industry players, in a region of France fast becoming a centre for the technology. Alstom showcased its two principal technologies, the Haliade offshore wind turbine and the Oceade tidal turbines platform.

Alstom, of course, has both tidal and offshore Wind facilities in the area, so the occasion was also used to organise visits to see the Haliade offshore wind turbine being built at the new factory in the region at Saint-Nazaire.

This was the occasion to showcase as well the Oceade tidal platform, which allows the customers to select the best turbine variant to fit their sites’ specific requirements.



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