Toyota Tsusho Becomes Official Partner for EFOY Pro Fuel Cells in Japan

Corporation has announced that they have entered into a partnerhip agreement with AG. ¬†Under the agreement, Toyota Tsusho will become an official representative of AG in and an order of ’s EFOY Pro has already been shipped for sale by Toyota Tsusho.

SFC Energy AG is a provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets and Toyota Tsusho is one of Toyota Motor Coroporation group companies.¬†Both Toyota Tsusho and SFC Energy see a large market opportunity for SFC Energy’s EFOY Pro fuel cells in Japan.

With over 33,000 systems sold, the mature, reliable, environmentally friendly off-grid power sources are an ideal answer to the growing need for readily available stationary and mobile off-grid power in Japan. As more and more seismic equipment, sensors, measuring and surveillance devices and other technical instruments are used far away from the grid. Operators are looking for alternatives to Diesel generators, which are loud, vibrate and require much maintenance as well as to solar panels, which only operate in good weather. During power generation, an EFOY Pro fuel cell produces only water and small amounts of carbon dioxide. The fuel cell is fully automatic and enables extremely long unattended and uninterrupted operation of devices in the field, creating major logistic and cost advantages. It can be remote controlled and available in several easy to use plug and play versions.

“The collaboration with Toyota Tsusho is a key step to grow in Japan. We have fuel cell experts as new partners to capitalize on the growing needs for off-grid and back-up power in the important Japanese market”, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy. “Our fuel cells offer major benefits everywhere, where reliable, uninterrupted power is imperative for the continuous operation of strategic equipment away from the grid – in any weather and climate.”

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