SunEdison Installs Solar on Delhi Metro Rail’s Badarpur-Faridabad Line

Delhi, ’s national capital, has installed and is operating eight systems on its metro system’s newly finished Badarput-Faridabad line.  , the largest global renewable energy development company integrated solar into the design of the buildings for the Delhi Metro Rail Corpoation.  The systems were built into the roofs of the stations and will generate approximately 1.9 megawatts (MW) of cost-effective solar power.

“Millions of people rely on the Delhi Metro each day and by installing SunEdison’s solar system in eight of the metro lines, we are excited that these commuters will be able to benefit from a clean and reliable source of electricity,” said Pashupathy Gopalan, SunEdison’s president of Asia-Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa. “These systems took only two months to build and will generate electricity for the metro line for 25 to 30 years with little maintenance cost.”

The stations’ solar PV systems will generate approximately 2.5 gigawatt-hours of electricity a year.  This will result in a decrease of  1,700 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year, or the equivalent of taking 363 cars off the road or preventing more than 800 metric tons of coal from being burned.

A DMRC representative commented: “The solar plants on the rooftops of the Faridabad line represent our commitment to clean energy, and to bringing the best technology and expertise to support our network. We thank SunEdison for their work on these plants, and look forward to working with them again.”

This is  just the first of several DMRC stations at which SunEdison will be building solar PV power plants.  The company will be  installing solar systems generating 1.7 MW at the rail company’s Yamuna Bank station and Yamuna Bank yard.  SunEdison will operate and maintain the solar power plants.

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