Documentary Feature Film “Solar, A Convenient Truth!” Scheduled To Begin Filming Fall 2015

Continuing with their global initiative on clean energy, SolarPV.TV, Coolbrand and Taika Entertainment announced today that principal photography for “, ” will commence this fall.  “SOLAR, ” will be a groundbreaking feature film created to promote clean and renewable energy, with an emphasis on as a practical energy solution.  The film will showcase ’s history, its current state, its technology development and a shared vision for its future.

Of the project, Executive Producer and founder of SolarPV.TV Tomasz Slusarz said: “It will become the one true voice in advocating solar programs in emerging markets — and how we need to accelerate deployment of the new energy infrastructures.”  Co-Executive Producer, and president of Coolbrand, Gabriela Sommerfeld added: “In supporting ‘Solar, a Convenient Truth!’ we will help to educate, inform, write policy recommendations, and most important, create cultural moments worldwide.”

The film will be produced and directed by Raymond Hernandez, Jr. and his production company Taika Entertainment in several locations in the US and overseas, and will be translated into different languages simultaneously, to ensure that the message is delivered to the widest possible audience in every corner of the world.

For his part, Raymond Hernandez, Jr. said: “We filmmakers need to deliver a message worldwide about clean energy, and tell our story in an intelligent and entertaining way, thus building the necessary awareness and crucial momentum for solar power.”  He also added:“Today, solar energy is an important, reliable, cost effective generation source, but the reality is that this is not understood by the general public around the world.”

documentary will appeal to all age groups, and will provide solar energy facts, ideas and information from globally renowned visionaries; as well as interactions with different celebrities who actively support solar energy.

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