Windstream Technologies Supports Purdue University’s Engineering Outreach Project

Windstream Technologies

is the maker of the ®, a small-scale hybrid wind and solar energy device that can be deployed in a range of environments, including the urban marketplace.  The SolarMill  incorporates 3 vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) with P.V. technology within a compact footprint, giving it a very high energy density.  This allows the product to be an effective solution in markets where the natural resources available for wind or solar energy generation alone do not justify investment.

The SolarMill is designed to work in both on-grid and off-grid environments. Whether on the roof of a commercial building to offset rising energy costs, installed at an eco-friendly resort, or deployed in remote locations bringing power to people who’ve never had electricity, the products are designed to deliver substantial results.

Last year WindStream Technologies donated a SolarMill to the engineering department at the to be used in their outreach program in .  The unit was installed in Cameroon. Below is great video by about the project.


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