N1 Technologies Inc. Patents Dynamicon Green Energy System

N1 Technologies Inc. Patents Dynamicon Green Energy System

The directors and management of N1 Technologies Inc. (OTC PINK: NTCHF) announced today that the company has filed for a patent for its newest advanced technology the Dynamicon Solar Kinetic Generator. The company has received patent pending status and a trademark register for the new technology. The Dynamicon Solar Kinetic Generator is an apparatus for producing electric power from only sunlight. More specifically, the Dynamicon is a new and advanced way to power an industrial scale electric generator with energy produced by solar panels.

Many alternative energy systems such as solar and wind generators have many drawbacks. They stop producing energy at night or when the wind stops blowing. The Dynamicon uses sunlight and solar cells to keep a large bank of Lithium Ion batteries charged for 24 hour around the clock operation. The Dynamicon Solar Kinetic Generator is a 24 hour solution utilizing solar power as a charging source. Once up to speed, the Dynamicon rotates at 200 RPM and produces copious amounts of electricity. The Dynamicon is a reverse electric generator in that its main shaft is stationary and the outer housing armature rotates around the main shaft.

N1 Technologies Inc. intends to manufacture, market and install the Dynamicon Systems worldwide. “These systems are aimed at heavy electricity users, companies, institutions and small municipalities that need 24/7 electric power,” stated CEO Steve Lovern. The company is reviewing the potential of spinning off the Dynamicon patent into a stand alone public company. “Dynamicon Kinetic Inc. is a name we have been throwing around. We see this new public subsidiary as a way to have a highly focused company that does one thing, build and market advanced Green Energy Generation Systems,” said Steve Lovern CEO.  Earlier this year the company had announced it was reviewing the idea of spinning off its NanoSave Technologies Inc. subsidiary, but made a final decision not to spin it off. This new idea has many fewer moving parts and is much more practical and could attract a big interest from many industries.

N1 Technologies Inc. is currently looking for an end user partner that will work with the company in setting up the first operational system. The company has its sights on partnering with a small 1500-2000 home community. The Dynamicon System will retail for $7 million dollars U.S. The company forecasts that an operational unit could potentially return its cost in as little as 12 months and after that generate basically cost free electricity for up to 20 years.

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