Personal Electric Powered Submarine Applies for Crowd Funding

Personal Electric Powered Submarine
Sitting on the bottom in an electric submarine

How Many of Us Have Always Wanted a Personal Electric Powered Submarine ?

In 2011 in the U.S., the 11th Annual Submarine Races were held with teams from all over the world competing. A french team from Nice together with their industry partners participated in the Race that was held at Bethesda Naval Surface Warefare Center and won the Innovation award for an underwater vehicle equipped with a wide scuba maneuverability. The submarine is known as Scubster.

Personal electric submarine

Personal electric submarine

From 2011 to 2015 the team has developed with their partners the second version named  the Scubster Nemo with an electric drive and a range of 2 hours. This one cool personal submarine.

Scubster is an all electric submarine

Scubster is an all electric submarine

  • In July 2015 we carry out successfully the first dives demonstrating our technological strengths and maneuverability 

This team is now applying for funding on Kickstarter to allow them to develop an even more efficient Scubster for scientific and archaeological research, and for various diving missions.

Here are the specs for the current version of Subster.

  • Size: 3 meters long
  • Weight 30 kilos empty
  • 2 engines of 10 kilos each
  • 2 battery packs of 15 kilos
  • Carbon hull, Cockpit PPMA
  • Requires one person to launch
  • Allows security equipment transportation for exploration dive
  • Video transport equipment and powerful dive lights
  • Area navigation to reach the place of exploration

To see the project on Kickstarter or make a contribution click here

First place innovation prize at the submarine race awards in Nice France

First place innovation prize at the submarine race awards in Nice France

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