Redesigning Europe’s Electricity Market – Give Your Feedback & Opinions!

Europe's Electricity Market

Under its plans for Energy Union, the wants to set the conditions for a reliable and affordable energy supply for all citizens and businesses, and to make the the world leader in . In order to achieve this, Europe’s electricity market needs to be redesigned – and the European Commission is seeking your views on how.

In a consultation launched in July, the Commission is seeking stakeholder’s views on: improvements to market functioning and investment signals; market integration of renewables; linking retail and wholesale markets; reinforcing regional coordination of policy making, between system operators and of infrastructure investments; the governance of the internal electricity market; and a European dimension to security of supply.

In a connected questionnaire, the Commission is also seeking your feedback on aspects of the security of Europe’s electricity supply, which are not covered in the main consultation. This questionnaire explores in particular how national governments prevent and manage risks related to the security of the electricity supply, what roles and responsibilities should be taken on by which players, and how transparency and cross-border cooperation can be improved.

Both consultations close on 8 October 2015 and stakeholders are invited to reply to both.

Consultation on a new energy market design

Consultation on risk preparedness in the area of security of electricity supply

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