Obama’s Clean Power Plan: A Great Day for Renewable Energy in America

Clean Power Plan

Its here!!!!!  ’s much awaited (and maligned by special interest groups  and their congressional supporters) Climate Action Plan has been announced.  I think  the Sierra Club’s Michael Brune summed it up nicely by saying that “The is the most significant single action any President has ever taken to tackle the most serious threat to the health of our families: the climate crisis.”

The Obama Administration believes the Clean Power Plan is an historic step in the fight against climate change. It sets flexible and achievable standards to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, while creating tens of thousands of jobs.

The White House is trying to get out in front of what they know will be a massive media campaign by special interests to discredit the plan in much the same way they have worked to confuse the public in the past about such things as the existence of climate change, cigarettes causing cancer, death panels and Obamacare, etc….

The following are the facts debunking the most common myths being circulated as part of special interest’s misinformation campaign:

Myth: Carbon pollution standards will destroy jobs and hurt the economy.

Fact: Americans know we can cut pollution and protect the health of our kids while creating jobs.

EPA’s detailed economic analysis shows that this proposal will create tens of thousands of jobs all over the country. And they aren’t the only ones.Two independent studies show even larger job gains of around 300,000 jobs when the Clean Power Plan is fully implemented. And if we look at carbon reduction programs that are already in place, we find that from 2014-2016, the Regional Green House Gas Initiative trading program, is expected to create 14,000 new jobs across nine states.   

Myth: Carbon pollution standards will cause Americans’ utility bills to spike.

Fact: Cutting carbon pollution will help eliminate waste and save families money on their electric bills.

In fact, these standards will actually shrink electricity bills $85 each year for the average household, and save consumers a total of $155 billion from 2020-2030 by increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs in the electricity system.

Myth: This administration is waging a war on coal.

Fact: For years, the President’s political opponents have been blaming him for market trends that started well before the President took office.

Independent power market analysis shows that the recent shift away from coal is driven by competition from cheaper natural gas, lower cost renewables, and increased use of energy efficiency, and that thedecline in coal jobs started well before President Obama took office. In fact, far more coal mining jobs were lost under  both the Reagan and Clinton administrations than under President Obama’s administration.

 Myth: The Clean Power Plan is regulatory overreach.

Fact: The Clean Power Plan is clearly consistent with EPA’s legal authorities

Before EPA’s standards were finalized, polluters and their allies argued that the Clean Power Plan went well beyond EPA’s authorities in the Clean Air Act.  The Supreme Court has made clear that EPA has the responsibility under the Clean Air Act to set limits on greenhouse gas emissions that endanger public health and welfare.

Myth: Climate change isn’t real.

Fact: Climate change is real, it’s happening now, and it’s affecting every region of the country.

Last week, the Pentagon sent a report to Congress reinforcing that climate change poses immediate risks to our national security. The report found, global climate change will have wide-ranging implications for U.S. national security interests over the foreseeable future because it will aggravate existing problems—such as poverty, social tensions, environmental degradation, ineffectual leadership, and weak political institutions—that threaten domestic stability in a number of countries.

Companies representing at least $2.5 trillion in market capitalization are not debating the science, and instead are taking serious action that helps their bottom line and our planet. Just recently, 365 companies announced their support of the Clean Power Plan.

See the historic announcement for yourself, below:


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Tracey is an accountant and entrepreneur with a passion for nature. This passion is what spurred her interest in renewable energy, and the rest is history as they say. Tracey is a principal in Energy Think Group, the publisher of Solar Thermal Magazine and Tek-Think. She is also the principal at Women's Financial Help Desk. She spends her free time in the outdoors with her horses and dogs. She loves to travel.

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