Portable Egg Shaped Home Powered By Wind and Solar

A Portable Home Powered By Wind and Solar.

Nice Architects, a Slovakian firm, has come up with a new innovative house that is powered entirely by wind and solar energy. The house dubbed “Ecocapsule” is egg-shaped and portable to any part of the world. The designers first came up with the concept for the egg shaped home back in 2008. They had a vision of it being used as an off grid home by scientists, and extreme tourists who might want to set up camp in the world while being mindful of environmental pollution. 

Design and specifications

Ecocapsel a tiny sustainable home

Ecocapsulel a tiny sustainable home


According to the Slovakian based Nice Architects, the home can fit two people comfortably. It is equipped with folding bed, a kitchenette, a composting toilet, built in storage and a shower. The shelter is fitted with a 9,744-watt-hour battery. The battery is charged by 28 square feet of high efficiency solar cells and 750-watt wind turbine. The entire shelter is about fifteen feet long and eight feet wide. In total, it occupies about eighty-six square feet.

Furthermore, the house is fitted with rainwater filtration technology, making it especially useful in disaster zones. In addition to that, it can be used as an outdoor hotel facility. Each unit is about 1,500 kilograms in weight. It can be fitted inside an ordinary shipping container with no need for any special precautions. The first complete prototype took over seven years to complete.


Nice Architects dealt with the problem of thermal loss by using a thick wall of insulation. The spherical egg-shaped form is a crucial part of the design. It helps to maximize dew and rainwater collection.

This Portable Self Powered Home Lets You Live Just about Anywhere

This Portable Self Powered Home Lets You Live Just about Anywhere

Pricing and Improvements

The designers of this amazing compact home are not giving much information about the price per unit. However, they did indicate that it would be in the competitive price of RVs and other portable shelters. As of now, the cost of importing such a house would cost about $2,400 from Slovenia to New York.

Inside the Ecocapsule portable self sustaining home

Inside the Ecocapsule portable self sustaining home

Currently, there is no specific chassis for the portable house. However, the company hopes to have a chassis ready by the end of the year 2015.

This could be the tiny sustainable home of the future

This could be the tiny sustainable home of the future


The first complete prototype was on display in May of this year at the Pioneers festival in Vienna. Unfortunately, for those eager to order up one, the portable self-sustaining home is not yet available for the market. The company has stated that it could be ready to take its first orders by the last quarter of 2015. Consequently, there is all the likelihood that the first shipments can be made by early 2016.

Here is the company video to learn more.


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