Celebration of Completion of NEXTEV TCR Team’s First Formula E Season

On June 29 Beijing Time, the FIA Formula E Championship finale concluded at Battersea Park, London. Nelson Piquet Jr., who came from NEXTEV TCR, ranked first with the total score of 144 points and become crowned the first ever Formula E Champion, etching his name into the history books. The NEXTEV TCR Team got fourth place with 152 points, which was also the best result obtained in top international car races for the team.

The FIA Formula E Championship is newly launched by FIA as the first 100% electricity-powered and sustainable formula championship in the world, thus regarded as a significant momentum for the research of electric vehicles and the application of sustainable technologies in the coming decades.

Starting from Sep 13, 2014, 10 teams consisting of 20 top drivers spent 10 months racing in the world’s top 10 cities, including Beijing, Berlin and London.

Henkel, a supplier of adhesive technology solutions, boasts innovative technologies specifically designed for electric vehicles to provide extensive parts and system solutions for electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.  Henkel leveraged these solutions to become the exclusive adhesive supplier of the NEXTEV TCR, facilitating the team with adhesive products and technical support.

The increasing environmental pressure, the emergence of megalopolises and the depletion of natural resources all indicate a promising market prospect for the new energy vehicles. In the partnership with the NEXTEV TCR, Henkel fully displayed its commitment to sustainable development and its strength in the field of electric vehicles.

Following the perfect ending of the first season, FIA has been well underway to prepare the second season. In the new season, the teams will be able to show their innovative technology.



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