Morgan Electrifies a Classic Three Wheeler

New Three Wheel Electric Concepts from Morgan
New Three Wheel Electric Concepts from Morgan

Morgan Develops Some New Three Wheel Concepts, this Time they are Electric!

When the topic of British luxury car manufacturers is brought up, people would usually talk about Rolls-Royce’s Phantom, Aston-Martin’s Vantage, or even the Mini. If you ask these same people though whether they’re familiar with the Morgan Motor Company, they’d probably look back at you with questioning eyes. This is a natural reaction since Morgan has always been content to cater to a niche (and affluent) crowd of enthusiasts who love classically designed cars.

The electric Morgan EV3

The electric Morgan 3

Although the company has gained recognition for its classy designs, it is not above innovating and thinking outside of the box. A glance at the Three Wheeler, one of the company’s many quirky car designs that went into production in 2011 should be more than enough to convince you that they’re not your typical carmaker.

The Zero Emission all electric EV3 Morgan

The Zero Emission all electric EV3 Morgan

The Morgan EV3

Just last month, the Morgan Motor Company again turned heads and piqued the interest of car enthusiasts when it announced that its Three Wheeler was going to get the EV treatment during the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Set to go into production in 2016, the EV3 will retain largely the same aesthetics as the Three Wheeler but will instead have a lighter electric engine rated at 75 kW. What’s interesting about the electric engine is that it’s actually more powerful than the internal combustion engine on the original 3-Wheeler. As for the battery pack, information has been sparse but the company estimates that it can power the EV3 for up to 150 miles. Weighing in at a surprising 1212 lbs (around 550 kilos), this EV actually ended up being heavier than the original Three Wheeler (possibly due to the battery pack’s weight).

Speed and Availability

Similar to the first Three Wheeler, the EV3 isn’t a speedster. It has a decent top speed of 155 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a little over 6 seconds. These figures aren’t really that jaw-dropping so if you’re looking for something flashier and faster then you might want to check out cars with internal combustion engines at the same price range. In the event that you happen to live in England and have about GBP25950 (roughly $41000) lying around then the EV3 just might be the electric car you’ve been looking for your whole life. It’s still a concept as of now but Morgan has confirmed that this EV is going to hit the market in the second half of 2016. Hopefully it does well enough to encourage the company as well as other niche carmakers to make more electric vehicles.

I wonder when we will see this electric vehicle on the road

I wonder when we will see this on the road

Morgan and the Future of EVs

Morgan is hardly the first company to redesign its current/previous car models to be more environmentally friendly. Companies like Ford and Audi have offered/are planning to offer refreshes of their best-selling models with electric motors instead of fossil fuel guzzling internal combustion engines. The EV3 is further proof that electric vehicles have come a long way. For a niche carmaker like the Morgan Motor Company to take one of their iconic cars and have it converted to run on an electric motor just means that EV technology is here to stay. Though there are still a lot of issues/problems with EVs that needs to be addressed, it is still the best option for lowering our global carbon footprint. As long as niche car makers like Morgan continue to innovate, the future is looking electrifyingly bright for automobile industry and the world.

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