New Wireless Device for Metering Residential Solar Power Systems

Metering Residential Solar Power Systems Allows Homeowners to Manage Energy in a Better Way.

Sungevity, Inc., has announced an exciting new device called the Sungevity Energy Hub, that is meant to compliment residential solar installations. The device wirelessly connects with Smart Meters and is simple to install.

It will enable homeowners to track in real time, exactly how much energy their household is using, down to every five to seven seconds. With this information, customers will be able to see when they are using the most energy and connect the dots between their usage, solar production and overall costs. Following on the heels of Sungevity’s recent announcement to provide smart energy storage systems to consumers, this latest offering further establishes the company as an industry leader in home energy innovation and service.

“As solar adoption continues to accelerate, homeowners are looking for more than just panels on their roof,” said Peter Graf, chief product officer, Sungevity.

We know customers crave transparency and insight that enables them to tailor their energy use for optimal savings – the Sungevity Energy Hub is the tool they’ve been waiting for.

In addition to increased transparency and real-time insight, Sungevity Energy Hub customers also will receive personalized home energy performance updates to help them interpret and evaluate their energy behavior. Recommendations and benchmarking are offered to ensure homeowners have everything they need to make the smartest decisions for their home and lifestyles. Effective immediately, the Sungevity Energy Hub is included in the Sungevity Energy System for all new Sungevity customers with a Smart Meter in California at no additional cost.

Sungevity plans to continue the rollout of the Sungevity Energy Hub to other customers with Smart Meters across the U.S. in 2016.


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  • Generoso Managbanag says:

    How much is the wireless device metering? how to order? You have available supplier here in the Philippines?

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