World’s First Non-Rotor Flow Wind Turbine Receives Certification

luvwind non-rotor wind turbine

The LWS 500 Flow Wind Turbine is the first non-rotor (propeller) based wind harvester to ever be certified. In addition to the certification required by the IRS for tax incentives, the turbine will obtain its own International certification class and number.

Light, durable and easy to install, the vertical and horizontal axis turbines are suitable for residential, commercial, marine and remote telecom usage.  The turbine  can operate at a starting speed of 1.2 m/s and delivers 500 Watt at 11.4 m/s.

The LWS 500 is ideal for wind locations with directional wind. The units can be installed parallel to solar modules or used on their own. Their low profile makes them less of an eye sore than traditional turbines and they are completely safe for wildlife, including bats and birds.

The LWS 500 is vibration-less and at 25dBA, is whisper quiet, resulting in restful sleep and happy neighbors. The turbines are self-braking at extreme wind speeds, in connection with the charge controller, and cannot overdrive.

View the video of the turbines installed on a roof with solar panels.

Stacked in an array, the LWS 500 can be used as an Energy Return System (ERS) for commercial HVAC exhaust vents.

The non-rotor flow wind turbine is also very reasonably priced at $2,750 retail.


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