BioSolar Extends Research Agreement for Super Battery Technology Development

, Inc. , developer of cutting edge technology and materials, announced that the company has signed an agreement to extend the funding of a sponsored research program at the University of California, Santa Barbara (“UCSB”), to further develop its .

The lead inventors of the technology are UCSB professor Dr. Alan Heeger, the recipient of a Nobel Prize in 2000 for the discovery and development of conductive polymers, and Dr. David Vonlanthen, a project scientist and expert in energy storage at UCSB.

BioSolar’s research program with UCSB first started in July 2014 with a focus on low cost and high performance materials and structures for supercapacitors and batteries. Based on the technical breakthroughs from this 2014 program, the company focused its efforts on developing a super battery technology. BioSolar believes its  technology can double the storage capacity, lower the cost and extend the life of lithium-ion batteries. This extension funds the research program for another 12 months until June 2016.BioSolar super battery technology costs

The Company  has also jointly filed a patent application with the University of California, Santa Barbara in order to protect the intellectual property rights which forms the basis for the company’s super battery technology.

“We are pleased to renew our agreement to fund a sponsored research program at UCSB to further the development of our super battery technology,” said Dr. David Lee, CEO of BioSolar. “As one of the top research universities, UCSB is considered to be a global leader in bioengineering, chemical and computational engineering, materials science, nanotechnology and physics. We are confident that this team of scientific professionals will continue to progress the technology closer to our goal of achieving a $100/kilowatt-hour cost milestone for energy storage.”




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