The Smallest and Lightest Portable Solar Charger Yet

Lightest Portable Solar Charger
New device easlily charges electronic devices from the sun

Lightest Portable Solar Charger Now Available.

A new device that was recently featured on Kickstarter has survived into the next step of commercial vialbility. Solarade. Aptly named as Solarade it is claimed by the inventors to be the smallest and lightest 5W solar charger making it ideal for charging smart phones, tablets, and multi-media players.

Measuring 230mm in length, 160mm in width, and 17mm in height and weighing only 170g, the Solarade is highly portable and efficient. Its monocrystalline solar panel/module has a high efficiency of 20 percent and generates a 5V output at 1A. Designed with a 5V built-in regulator, it is powerful enough to charge at the same speed as a regular wall charger – it is able to fully charge the iPhone 5 in 1.5-2 hours.

The maximum charge rate is obtained when the solar panel is perpendicular to direct sunlight. A built-in sun-angle adjuster can be used to position the panel appropriately for the optimum exposure to sunlight. A red LED indicator light will come on when the Solarade is generating electrical power.

Through an integrated USB port, the Solarade can be connected to mobile devices, using a USB cable. This slim solar charger can be used to charge Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones and Tabs, iPads, GPS devices, digital cameras, e-readers, video cameras, external batteries, flashlights, and many other electronic gadgets. This product is also suitable for backup DC power to charge batteries and portable equipment for hikers, travelers and off-grid power locations.

The Solarade solar charger is available for purchase from distributors as well as directly from our online IXYS Store,

Additional product information can be obtained by visiting the IXYS website at or by contacting the company directly.

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