First-Ever Cross-Country Drive on One Tank of Renewable Diesel Fuel

renewable diesel-Nest One Tank Across the USA
The Neste One Tank Across the USA team will drive a Superlite Coupe powered by an efficient Volkswagen diesel engine running on NEXBTL renewable diesel fuel. (PRNewsFoto/Neste)

There is an interesting cross-country trek currently underway in the United States. A team of drivers will drive from the Atlantic coast of Florida to the Pacific coast of California without stopping to fill up their tank.  And if that was not impressive enough, their car will be powered by fuel.


The CLP Superlite SLC is a high-quality component car designed to reproduce the look, feel and performance of a LeMans-type sports cars. It has race car like aerodynamics and driving characteristics, yet it is street legal. The SLC is powered by a CLP modified VW 1.9L TDI diesel engine. It has an aluminum monocoque chassis and fiberglass body which makes it extremely lightweight, yet very rigid for superior road handling and performance.


The car will drive across the United States on Interstate 10, which is the fourth-longest transcontinental highway, at over 2400 miles. It runs through eight states and connects several major cities, including Jacksonville FL, Mobile AL, New Orleans LA, Houston TX, San Antonio TX, Tucson AZ, Phoenix AZ, and Los Angeles CA.

The cross-country trek is sponsored by Neste, the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel fuel, and CLP Motorsports. Neste supplied the NEXBTL renewable diesel fuel that the car is using. The car is also driven by Pat O’Keefe, owner of CLP Motorsports and organizer of the challenge. Luke Lonberger and Michel von Disterlo from CLP Motorsports also helped with the long-distance driving chores.


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  • Ensil Ltd says:

    We will be keeping our eyes on the bio-diesel space! This kind of renewable fuel source is so exciting.

  • Jagath wije says:

    Can’t find it in my area, I have two vehicles that use Diesel but. I fuel station that carry bio Diesel in Santa Clarita CA?

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