Using the Internet of Things to Link Solar Energy Systems in Africa

B-Scada systems can connot wind and solar installations
B-Scada systems can connot wind and solar installations

Solar Energy Systems in Africa Connecting Using Wireless Sensors

B-Scada, has recently announced a new deployment of their VoT (Virtualization of Things) Solution in Africa. B-Scada’s wireless sensors will be used to remotely monitor and control the generation and distribution of solar energy used by four health clinics in Rwanda.

The company is providing the full array of sensors, relays, and cellular gateways required to collect and communicate the solar photovoltaic system data.

According to the company the first step have the sensor data be hosted by B-Scada and accessed via cloud server. In the future, the customer hopes to expand the system to include all seven of their locations throughout the country, and to eventually develop and host their own custom application using B-Scada’s VoT Platform. The VoT Platform will allow them to bring all seven of their locations into a single monitoring and control system that incorporates data from other sources in addition to their sensor data.

Management Commentary:

We are finding that many customers are looking to take advantage of the IoT (Internet of Things), but are restricted by budgetary constraints. B-Scada provides a unique opportunity for these customers to benefit from the additional sensor intelligence by subscribing to a hosted solution before using our platform to develop their custom application. This has significantly lowered the barrier of entry to the IoT for more budget-conscious consumers, and paves the way for them to have a sophisticated custom IoT application for a fraction of what it would cost to develop one without our platform.

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