Electric Car Road Trip From Paris to Venice in a Tesla Model S

Tesla electric car charing network in Europe
Tesla electric car charing network in Europe

Paris to Venice by Road in a Battery Electric Model S

A journey from Paris to Venice is approximately 1, 110.8 km. A road trip from Paris to Venice takes approximately 10 hour 50 minutes. Most travelers would cover the journey over two days in order to have a good view of the scenic country side and experience the cities and towns in between.

Eiffel tower in Paris wikipedia

Eiffel tower in Paris wikipedia


Typically, the first city you cross is Dijon, France. You will eventually cross other smaller cities such as Beaune and Bourgn-en-Bresse. You will then head to Geneva, Switzerland, Milan, Italy, and finally Venice, Italy.




Tesla Model S

The Tesla model S is a full sized plug in electric five door that is produced by Tesla motors. It is also known as WhiteStar. It features two motors- one on the front and one on the rear. It employs complex linkages to distribute power from one wheel to all the other wheels.

The Tesla 2012 model S

The Tesla 2012 model S


Therefore, it is a perfect car to comfortably cover the long distance from Paris to Venice.

Road Trip From Paris to Venice in a Tesla Model S

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger


It is important that any journey by an electric car should have in place the logistics required. It should be noted that electric cars are not yet a widely used traveling alternative in most countries including France and Italy. Consequently, the services that are associated with the use of electric cars may not be always available.

Having said that, it is important that you know the charging points of electric cars in Paris. There are quite a number of them in the city.

The following are just a few:

-Parking Mediterrannee
-Autolib Parking rue Lobau
-Hotel de Ville
-Autolib 1 Rue Dante Paris
-Autolib 243 rue Saint Martin Paris




Dijon has very interesting places where one can stop over. Vertigo Hotel Dijon is a new hotel that has an Embassy bar, champagne, wine, cocktails, and music on the background.

One can charge an electric car at Hotel des Ducs or 15 rue Marcel Sembat.
Places that one can stop over in Beaune include Hotel de Luxe le Cep, Chateau de Challenges, Hotel le Home, Hotel Adelie, Hotel le Clos, and Ibis Beaune Center.

The best places to eat in Geneva include Ports Cafe, The Red Dove Tavern, Cafe Toscana, Ventosa Vineyard, The Pier House, and Mark’s Pizzeria. One of the providers of electric charging in Geneva is Park & Charge.

The trip from Paris to Venice by electric car

The trip from Paris to Venice by electric car


Restaurants to eat in Milan include Sadler, Grom, and Salad Me Cafe. Some of the places where one can charge an electric car in Milan include Iper Portello and Alfred Pizzoni Milan.

Places to eat in Venice include La Cuzza, Al Nono Risorto, San Marco, San Polo, Castello, Venice is endowed with ample electric charging terminals.




A vacation trip worth planning?

Traveling from Paris to Venice is a fun filled experience. However, a trip by an electric car requires ample planning and identifying facilities that favor the use of electric cars. In addition to that, it is important to identify the places to eat in order to have an optimal traveling experience. An online perusal of online reviews can be of great help in helping one make an informed decision.

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