Drone Footage of Tesla’s New Mega Battery Factory

A friendly drone circles the New Tesla Gigafactory
A friendly drone circles the New Tesla Gigafactory

’s New Mega Battery Factory as viewed by a Friendly Drone

Tesla Motors is an American automotive and energy storage public company that was founded in 2003. Its headquarters is in Palo Alto, California, USA. Its main area of business is the design, manufacture, and sale of electric cars, battery products, and electric vehicle power-train components. At the heart of the company’s policy is the need to develop more efficient energy storage solutions.

Drone Footage of Tesla’s New Mega Battery Factory

A footage of one of the company’s largest facilities started circulating on the internet. This is a gigafactory that is located at Storey County, Nevada. The gigafactory is located in the expansive Nevada desert. Occupying 10 million feet, it will be the biggest battery factory in the world and also one of the biggest factories in the world.
It is worth noting that the footage shows just a part of the factory (the pilot plant) and not the entire gigafactory. The footage has been provided by Bob Tregilus who captured it last summer. He used to climb the surrounding mountain in order to catch a glimpse of the construction. Another person got a drone and spied on the facility. Tesla declined all requests that would have facilitated a visit. The company also declined to allow reporters into the site.

Expected Benefits

Tesla hopes to produce 500, 000 lithium ion batteries every year. When it will be completed, the gigafactory will produce more batteries in 2020 than what the whole world produced in 2013. The company also plans to use the factory to power 500, 000 cars every year. The facility is being built in phases in order to expedite the production process. It is hoped that production will begin next year though the original plan was to have mass production of batteries starting from 2017.

Tesla lithium-ion battery pack for the model S

Tesla lithium-ion battery pack for the model S

One should bear in mind that Tesla has high energy storage needs of it’s own at the moment. The growing popularity of its products will translate to more energy storage needs that will further strain its energy storage capability. For instance, the company is planning to launch the first electric SUV. In addition to that, it needs sufficient energy storage for homes, businesses, and other energy utilities. Relying on other providers for energy storage is not only expensive but will also translate to dependence on market forces of demand and supply. The gigafactory will be the company’s ultimate solutions to its high energy storage needs.

The company will also be a source of employment. It is expected that it will absorb at least 6500 workers. In addition to that, it will come with other economic benefits. This is because the gigafactory will obviously need various supplies that will be sourced from the neighborhood and other areas.

How popular will the factory be when it is actually finished?

The original drone video already has more than 200, 000 reviews. It was shot for fun and was taken when there were no workers on site. The newbie drone operator did a good job in capturing the HD footage facility. The video is significant in that it shows the staggering size of the factory and is a manifestation of the extent that companies are going in order to ensure energy independence and in particular long term solutions to energy problems.

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