HyperSolar Has New Low-Cost Renewable Hydrogen Process

renewable hydrogen hypersolar from sunlight

, Inc. has developed a new low-cost manufacturing process to produce fuel from sunlight.  The HyperSolar technology is based on  technology that mimics artificial photosynthesis, requiring only sunlight to separate water from

HyperSolar faced a challenge in that their process  using only sunlight to separate water from hydrogen generally requires voltages of more than 1.5 volts.  Since current commercially available low-cost silicon solar cells can achieve only 0.7 volts, HyperSolar’s  University of Iowa research team developed an innovative and patent protected water-based process where solar cell materials are stacked on top of each other literally by “dipping” into low-cost beakers of solutions containing appropriate chemistries.   Rather than using expensive rare earth materials, this new process relies on  water-based chemistries to produce the solar cell component.

This breakthrough in the manufacturing process represents an  important milestone in the path to commercialization for the HyperSolar technology.

“This breakthrough within the manufacturing process strengthens the Company’s key objectives of driving down cost while improving efficiency,” said Tim Young, CEO of HyperSolar. “The largest obstacles in the hydrogen fuel sector are widely associated with production costs that will result in expensive barrier to entry for commercial and consumer use. We believe that our simple, low-cost techniques will move us closer to a renewable hydrogen-energy driven economy. By addressing the fundamentals of production, HyperSolar has taken a great leap forward as a potential solution for producing renewable hydrogen at or near the point of distribution.”


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