Aquamarine Power Will Share Lessons Learned From Oyster Technology Development

Aquamarine Power Oyster

Wave energy company, Aquamarine Power, has been given a three month contract by Wave Energy Scotland to share the knowledge that they gained in the development of the Oyster wave energy device.

Established as part of development agency Highlands and Islands Enterprise and funded by the Scottish Government, Wave Energy Scotland’s mission is to support and accelerate the development of wave energy technology in the country

Named “Project Know-How”,  the contract involves Aquamarine Power’s team sharing their experience gained through building, installing and operating two full scale Oyster wave energy machines at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney, Scotland.

Commenting on the contract award, Aquamarine Power Chief Executive Officer Paddy O’Kane said:

“Aquamarine Power has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in verifying the Oyster concept. It is important that this learning is shared with others. Public funding is a scarce resource and we must ensure that the lessons we have learned, and the problems we have solved, can be put to good use by others in the industry.

“This work package will help us all to collaborate and ‘work smarter’ in solving current and future wave industry challenges.”

As part of the contract, Aquamarine Power  will hold a workshop for Wave Energy Scotland’s industry invitees and will disseminate knowledge in areas as diverse as:

  • offshore operations,
  • corrosion and protection,
  • supply chain components,
  • resource modelling
  • assessments and maintainability improvements.

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