A Crowd Funded Intelligent Home Energy Monitoring System

An intelligent home energy management system
An intelligent home energy management system

Intelligent Home Energy Monitoring System – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

It’s easy to lower energy expenses if you know how much electricity you’re using at home. What’s challenging about this though is identifying the appliances that use up the most electricity. You could always ask an electrician to help you with this but professional help doesn’t really come cheap.

Enter Ecoisme, an Intelligent Home Energy Monitoring System that promises to help you keep track of (and eventually reduce) your home or office’s energy consumption. Once the system is installed on your home, you’ll be able to check how much electricity is consumed by each of your electrical appliances on your Android or iOS device.

An intelligent home energy management system

An intelligent home energy management system

As of the moment, the Ecoisme development team is currently conducting a crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo to get their unique home energy monitoring solution out on the market.

A Successful IndieGoGo Campaign

In only 18 days on the crowd funding platform, the developers have already reached 105% of their funding goal. Although $52000 might not seem like much, the overwhelmingly positive response this campaign garnered from its backers should be a good indication of where it might be headed. With 465 people currently backing the project and 16 more days to go before its campaign ends, it’s highly likely that this home energy monitoring system is going to be available on the open market any time soon. How did the campaign become this successful though? We’ve seen numerous home energy monitoring solutions over the years but none of them have gotten as much attention as Ecoisme.

The Right Product at the Right Time

Wall mounted home energy management device

Wall mounted home energy management device

People nowadays have become mindful of the negative effects of using fossil fuels. And although some have completely gone off the grid and switched to solar, a sizable number have opted not to. These people feel that technology is still expensive and not as reliable as the service provided by their present utilities companies. For these people, the Ecoisme is a great product because it allows them to efficiently monitor their energy consumption by using only their phones. The system is also advertised as simple to use and install. If you wanted to set this up to start monitoring your home then all you need to do is plug one end of the system to your master switch’s main cable and the other end to a wall outlet. It’s that simple.

Worthwhile Features Make it Worthy of Your Support

Once it’s set up, the Ecoisme will then give you real-time updates as well as alerts about the status of your home appliances through your smart phone or your computer’s web browser. Adding a new electrical appliance to the system is also a breeze. Do you want to know what else this home energy monitoring system has to offer? Then I suggest you check out its IndieGoGo page. If you support the campaign, you just might end up being one of the first people to get the system.

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