The Massachusetts’ Electric Vehicle Rebate Program

Electric Vehicle Rebate Program
The Tesla 2012 model S

 The Electric Vehicle Rebate Program is Very Popular with Consumers- ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

EVs (electric vehicles) and ZEVs (zero-emission vehicles) like the Nissan LEAF and Tesla Model S have become quite popular recently. People all over the country have become more conscious of the fact that our reliance on fossil fuels is doing more harm than good to the economy and the environment.

In some instances, the government through the Department of Energy has even stepped in and provided companies like Tesla with funding to put out more electric vehicles on the streets. The problem now is that these vehicles aren’t that affordable price-wise when compared to the majority of diesel and gasoline-guzzling vehicles plying the nation’s streets and highways.

The Nissan Leaf All Electric Vehicle eligible for rebates

The Nissan Leaf All Electric Vehicle eligible for rebates


In an effort to help EV and ZEV owners with the high cost of acquiring their vehicles, some states are now offering Electric Vehicle rebate programs. Massachusetts is one state that has recently implemented such a program in the hopes of getting more residents to join the green movement. The Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles program or MOR-EV was started sometime in 2014 and was successful enough to warrant an additional funding of $2 million dollars from the state’s coffers. As of this writing, an estimated 700 Massachusetts residents have been given rebates through MOR-EV for either purchasing or leasing an electronic vehicle.

Applying for the Program

What makes the Electric Vehicle rebate program particularly appealing is the relative ease with which anyone (provided he/she is a resident of Massachusetts) can apply for a rebate of his/her EV purchase or lease. If you bought a brand new electric vehicle (BEVs, FCEVs, PHEV, and ZEMs are the only ones that are eligible for now) within the last three months then you’ll need to make sure that you apply for the Electric Vehicle Rebate immediately.

BMW i3 all electric vehicle

BMW i3 all electric vehicle


You can fill out an online application form found on the MOR-EV website and submit your supporting documentation via snail mail or e-mail (whichever is more convenient for you). You’re then going to receive a confirmation email as soon as these documents are received. If you are found to be eligible for the rebate (and if there are still funds remaining for the program) then all you’ll need to do is wait for the check to arrive in your mail.

Setting an Example

For a Massachusetts resident who is still undecided on whether he/she should purchase or lease an electronic vehicle, the state’s Electric Vehicle Rebate program is a godsend. $2500 might not seem like much but it represents more than just savings on the part of a prospective electronic vehicle owner. This gesture means a lot to those who value the environment enough that they invested in a Model S, a LEAF, or a BMW i3. Massachusetts is not the first state to offer this kind of rebate program/incentive to its residents. Regardless of this fact though, the state government has done a really decent job of making its MOR-EV rebate program accessible to eligible residents. With 700 rebates successfully processed, it is off to a very good start. Is this success enough to convince others to go electric? There are strong indications it will and when you consider the fact that EVs are becoming more affordable then the program might just see the number of people applying for rebates go up drastically.

To visit the rebate program site directly here is the link

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