Panasonic to Offer Energy Storage Option for Homeowners in Australia

Energy Storage Option
This home solar energy system is managed by a wireless energy monitor

There are New Energy Storage Option for Homeowners in Australia – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Panasonic Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation based in Osaka, Japan. Founded in 1918, the company has become one of the largest producer of electronics. The Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics ranked an impressive ninth overall. This is attributed to the company’s efforts in reducing climate change, promoting clean energy use, making more sustainable operations, and its production of greener products.

Panasonic home energy system from the solar panel to the storage

Panasonic home energy system from the solar panel to the storage

ActewAGL is an Australian multi-utility company that is used to offer natural gas, electricity, and telecommunication services. Founded in 2000, the company has continued to undertake green initiatives not just to the business community but also to the residential clients. This has been executed through the following initiatives: generation of renewable energy through wind, solar, and biomass, use of mini-hydro power generation, and ensuring affordability of its products and services.

Panasonic to Offer Energy Storage for Homeowners in Australia

Panasonic home solar energy system with storage giving Tesla Competition

Panasonic home solar energy system with storage giving Tesla Competition


Panasonic team teamed up with ActeWAGL will have a collaboration that will see them do battery energy storage trials during the second half of 2015. The companies aimed at maximizing the energy potential that each company has in order to roll out an effective renewable energy program in Australia.

ActeWAGL CEO Michael Costello noted that new and emerging technologies are providing new opportunities for energy companies. He added that ActeWAGL wants to be part of the future by helping its clients control the use of energy. He also noted that their company and Panasonic share the same principles and values such as reliability, safety, and optimal customer outcomes.

During the official launch of Panasonic battery storage trial, officials noted that Japan is credited for the invention of the first solar calculator. In fact, many people used the Panasonic calculator during their years of schooling. It is therefore not surprising that both Australia and Japan are sharing knowledge and expertise on a solid renewable energy program.

The technology will help the customers do a variety of things. For example, one can store solar energy during the day and use it during the night. In other words, the excess energy will be conveniently stored in the battery rather than being fed to the grid. The customers will benefit from good network and lower energy cost. In addition to that, it will prevent the grid from overloading which can cause a major electricity disruption.

The Future for Renewable Energy Systems in Australia

Japan and Australia are vastly different in terms of economic, cultural, and ideological characteristics, but both countries are desperate for sustainable energy solutions that will drive their vibrant economics and meet the energy demands of their population. The collaboration of Panasonic and ActeWAGL will be a great step forward in promoting the use of renewable energy in Australia.

Solar Energy irradiance in Australia compared to the rest of the world

Solar Energy irradiance in Australia compared to the rest of the world

Australia has a vast potential for solar power when you look at the available days and levels of sunshine. The country currently has a government that is bearish on renewable energy investments however so for now technologies like this one from Panasonic will have to stand on their own merit with homeowners.


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