Electric Vehicle Road Trip – From Boston to New York In An All Electric Vehicle

SunEdison and Charge Point building a US electric vehicle charging grid

Electric Vehicle Road Trip – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Electric vehicle technology has, radically, changed our lives. We have moved from a technology that produces a huge number of pollutants to the clean, cheap and environment friendly invention of electric motors. The list of advantages goes on and on and most likely you know most of them by now.

Even though the benefits are some what obvious, a large percentage of consumers are still reluctant when it comes to buying an electric car, mostly because of the charging issue that are perceived by the average consumer. People think that there are not sufficient charging stations, especially when driving cross country, thus limiting the distance someone can cover with an electric car. This could not be any further from the truth.

Electric vehicle technology and popularity have both increased in at a tremendous rate in the past few years. New electric charging stations are appearing in an accelerating rate and there are, definitely, more than enough to even cover a coast to coast driving experience throughout the United States. Let’s use a small journey as an example of how common the aforementioned stations are.

Boston to New York by Electric Car

Be sure to plan your trip.

The electric vehicle charging spots around Boston MA

The electric vehicle charging spots around Boston MA

We are going to use Boston, Massachusetts as our starting point and drive all the way to New York. The total driving distance is about 215 miles. So, in a 215 miles distance, you will be able to find the unbelievable number of 356 charging stations! And that is without including private stations. If we add the number of private stations to the previous sum, it goes up to 404. When we take into consideration that an average electric vehicle can travel up to 80 miles with a single charge (average value based on various car models) we, immediately, realize that it is impossible to have any sort of trouble related to insufficient charging during our travel. For another electric charging trip planning tool click here.

All the electric car charging points in New York City

All the electric car charging points in New York City

Another cause of reluctance is the scattering of the charging stations. Once again, through a quick online research, we discover that the distance between two consecutive facilities is not even noticeably long. In our case, the longest distance we can track is when driving from Auburn to Stafford Springs, and that is barely one fifth of the entire route. The majority of the stations are located near the two cities or their suburbs. This is not some sort of planning error or negligence. On the contrary, it is reasonable since the expansion of the facilities of every new technology initially starts from the center of a major city and starts increasing outwards.

The Tesla 2012 model S Charging

The Tesla 2012 model S Charging

Once again, technology and bold investments have created an ever-growing grid of facilities to enable the use of a magnificent invention, the electric car. It is certain that in the near future the miles covering per charge will increase significantly, allowing us to cover even bigger distances without having to stop to recharge. There are, already, plans and designs to reduce the charging time as well. One can only imagine how different our lives will become once we make fossil fuel technology completely obsolete and unneeded.


The future is here and we are the ones that have the obligation to make our planet cleaner and a healthier place to live for our children.

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