The Different Ways to Secure Solar PV Panels to Your Roof

Conergy solar pv mounting system for flat roofs


Secure Solar PV Panels to Your Roof so They Stay There – ( Solar Thermal Magazine) 

Solar energy is gaining in popularity and application like never before. Solar or sun trackers that are used with ground based systems are becoming more popular as consumer search for higher efficiencies, the tried and true method of using your roof as a location is still an extremely useful and relevant way to utilize space.

Having said that however it is terribly important to secure the solar PV panels in a way that will keep them from dislodging in the event of severe weather. Not only can wind, rain, and snow damage the PV panels themselves, but the unwanted removal of the panels could damage the roof.

Roof types vary greatly and so it is essential to carefully review the line of the roof, roofing material, and substructure to ensure that the panels are properly mounted to withstand any type of weather over an extended period of time. For example, the slope of the roof will determine the design to the roof mount to make sure that proper static equilibrium is achieved through an understanding of vector mechanics and the forces acting on the support system.

Some manufacturers only offer a small spattering of products in one size fits all’ approach to mounting solar panels. However, it is imperative to the safety of your home, your roof, and your family to ensure that you secure solar pv panels to your roof in a way that will keep them from flying off the roof in bad weather or suffering from breakage over time due to improper installation.

Asphalt Shingle Mounts

Asphalt shingles are very popular and so there are a multitude of products centered about properly aligning a Solar PV Panel with the roof and securing it. It is imperative to use a product customized for this application because it will allow for long term durability by understanding how asphalt tiles react not only with the substructure, but also with the additional load of a set of panels.

Roof mounting solar panels to asphalt shingles

Roof mounting solar panels to asphalt shingles

This has to be coupled with the added forces that wind or other forces of nature will exert on the mount kits, foots, and bolts used to hold a panel in place.

Flat tile Roof Products

Flat tile roofs require bottom and side mount rails that allow the panels to be securely held in place without resulting in problems concerning buckling or adding angles that allow wind too much play with the panels.

Spanish Tile Roof Products

Installing solar pv panels to a tile roof must be done correctly

Installing solar pv panels to a tile roof must be done correctly



Spanish tile can present a particular issue for roof mounting and require expertise and specialized products. By designing adjustable roof mount options, the style and variations in a Spanish tile roof can be accommodated despite the variances involved.




Stone Coat Steel Roof Mounts

Stone coat steel also presents issues for roof mounting solar panels, but it can be managed with an array of devices that were customized for just such an application. By increasing the flexibility, for example with a one hundred eighty degree adjustable mount, the designers have gotten around the challenges of stone coat steel to allow for the development of safe and robust roof mount systems.

Don’t leave such an important safety and efficiency issue to chance. You can secure solar PV panels to your roof with the proper mounting systems, components, and devices.

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