Are the Products Made by Apple Adding to Global Climate Change?

Foxconn makes products for Apple using dirty energy

Products Made by Apple – Are they made in a sustainable way? – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

The use of electronics successfully changed the traditional business model as the preferred way of doing business and individual lifestyle lifestyle. In the contemporary business realm, it is the dream of most business to have a sold online command in order to exploit the local, national, and international client base. Similarly, individuals now use electronics in their daily life as part of making their life more comfortable.

Foxconn makes products for Apple using dirty energy

Foxconn makes products for Apple using dirty energy

However, various concerned agencies have expressed their concern about technology companies. One of such companies is Greenpeace. The agency examined 19 global It companies. The methodology used by Greenpeace is the award of a scorecard (favorable or otherwise) based on the following variables:

-Energy efficiency
-Renewable energy commitment & sitting policy
-Energy efficiency & mitigation
-Renewable energy deployment & advocacy

Apple Dirty Energy Secrets

Tim Worstall, writing for Forbes, reports that Greenpeace slammed Apple over its use of dirty energy in order to power and optimize its cloud computing services such as Siri, iTunes, and iCloud. It should be noted that the cloud services in a lot of computation, which is done in data centers, which in turn consume a lot of electricity.

Tim Macdonnel and James West, writing for Mother Jones, notes that the Greenpeace report has singled out one case where Apple’s commitment to green energy has been found to be wanting. This is the 500,000 square foot facility in Maiden, North Carolina. The bone of contention between Greenpeace and Apple is that Greenpeace says that the facility will consume as much energy as a quarter of a million people in Europe or 80, 000 homes in the United States. This is made worse by the fact that North Carolina has only a 5 % availability of renewable energy in its energy grid.

Apple’s Factories and Foxconn

One of the most dominant players in Apple’s supply chain is Foxconn, a Taiwan based company. Apple may have received some compliments in the use of clean energy despite criticism. A case is its headquarters and factories in United States which have passed the clean energy test. But its efforts may be tarnished by the sourcing of its supplies from a controversial company such as Foxconn. In addition to that, having factories situated in China cannot be divorced from the fact that China has the highest carbon footprint in the world.

Foxconn is no stranger to accusations include the following: unpaid overtime, excessive work, health and safety failings, and interference with the trade unions. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are serious allegations of its use of dirty energy. Being the largest private sector employer, it has failed to set an example in setting the pace for the use of clean energy in Chinese factories and also in Chinese homes energy solutions.

BBC video shows Apple Foxconn workers falling asleep at work

BBC video shows Apple Foxconn workers falling asleep at work


Apple has a sufficient budget which it can use in its investigation of Foxconn. If it fails to do that at the moment, the allegations of the use of dirty energy in Apple factories will come to haunt it later, and it will be too late for the company to defend itself successfully. Similarly, Apple can use its resources to set an example in China concerning the use of clean energy in its association with any suppliers.

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