TUSK Launches New Video Ad Telling Georgia Power to Respect Consumer’s Energy Choices

TUSK video Ad

Tell Utilities Won’t be Killed (), a conservative pro-solar group headed by Barry Goldwater Jr.,  released a web advertisement this morning calling on Georgia Power and its parent, Southern Company to respect free markets and consumer choice in energy.  This comes after Georgia Power indicated its strong desire to enter into the residential rooftop solar market beginning this summer. Should Georgia Power enter into the market, they would be able to subsidize their solar efforts with money from other customers, thereby stifling competition from the growing independent energy market.

“Free markets work. Solar choice and competition gives consumers the ability to reduce their energy bills by powering their own homes,” said TUSK Chairman and former US Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr.  “A regulated utility that can subsidize its rooftop solar business on the backs of other customers has such an unfair advantage that no other business could hope to compete in Georgia’s marketplace.”

As highlighted in TUSK’s new ad, Southern Company CEO, Tom Fanning, has not been shy about wanting to keep solar companies out of Georgia, “If somebody wants to buy distributed generation, I want to sell it to ’em…I don’t think I’d invite SolarCity in. I’d rather do it myself.”

TUSK has focused on bringing a conservative counter to the national utility playbook centered on cutting off competition and limiting consumer choice. TUSK’s advertisement stresses that Georgians should be wary of attempts to stifle a growing industry that employs more than 173,000 Americans across the country and gives consumers the ability to produce their own power.

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