A Career As Wind Turbine Technician – First Time Climbing The Tower

The daily commute to the office for a wind turbine technician

Career As Wind Turbine Technician – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Using renewable energy has undeniable benefits, including a clear conscience that comes from knowing that how you use energy today does not put the future of this planet in jeopardy. However, the upsides of renewable energy extend far beyond a reduced carbon footprint – they also include creation of new and interesting jobs, such as a wind turbine technician career. But, what is it really like to be a wind turbine technician, how does it feel to climb the tower for the very first time?

Inside the mind of a wind turbine technician on his first trip up the tower

Inside the mind of a wind turbine technician on his first trip up the tower

Read on to learn about one man’s experience as a wind turbine technician documented in the video below.

Like most worthwhile experiences in life, climbing the tower for the first time is not an experience you can easily forget. This might sound a little exaggerated, considering that many of us have climbed up a tree, a wall, or a pole in our lifetime. But the tower is something else entirely. The wind turbine towers are well over 200 feet tall. So, this is not like your typical climb up a tree, it is more like climbing up a side of a high-rise building, but from the inside.

A view from the office of a wind turbine technician

A view from the office of a wind turbine technician

The wind turbine tower has a ladder on the inside. The thrill of the first climbing experience is undeniably palpable. By the time you get to the top, you will have broken a sweat, but the whole experience is more exciting than exhausting, especially when you get to look at the world from this far up above the ground and see most of the equipment that makes the use of this form of renewable energy a possibility. The cool breeze you will get at this altitude is also quite welcome, especially after the sweaty climb up the tower, and so will be a close up view of the blades, that are almost 150 feet long!

Still, you just don’t walk up to the tower and begin your climb, you will need to wear appropriate safety gear. To begin with, you will require a hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, a harness, a ladder climber, and so forth. Essentially, these safety gadgets will keep you safe during an incident such as a fall and also allow you to rest, which may be necessary before you can reach the top of the tower. The gloves will also protect your hands from abrasion and loss of friction due to sweating as your climb your way up the tower.

If jobs like roofing, firefighting, or exciting outdoor sports like rock climbing are your kind of thing, then you would love being a wind turbine technician. The exciting climbs aside, some interest into the mechanics of how machines and equipment work will also serve you well in this job.

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  • Don McPherson says:

    What are the prerequisites? Work experience required? I have none but am knowledgeable or electronics and mechanics. I could possible take a class to get certified to work high voltage and low voltage as well. Thanks

  • Daniel Nino M. Villavicencio says:

    Your knowledge might give you chance, when you apply, they will give you trainings regarding their turbine products, and also a Work at Heights training.

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