Using the American Railway System to Store Renewable Energy

Wind and solar power can be stored locally using this technology

An New Idea to Store Renewable Energy – ( Solar Thermal Magazine )

The global environmental challenges have precipitated a lot of initiatives that are aimed at making the consumer shy away from dependence in fossil fuels. The use of renewable energy is a great step forward in such efforts that contribute to a better and cleaner planet. However, the storage of renewable energy faces the problem of storage of energy in order to meet energy needs more so in peak times and also in meeting high demand energy use such as industrial applications.

New ideas needed to power the USA with renewable energy

New ideas needed to power the USA with renewable energy

It is in this light that Advanced Rail Energy Storage (ARES) was founded to offer innovative solutions concerning the storage of renewable energy.

ARES is a Californian-based energy company that has discovered a land based energy storage alternative that will provide storage alternatives through the use of locomotives. The technology has been comprehensively reviewed by professionals in the field of environmental affairs, regulatory affairs, power transmission, and distribution. ARES has a strong emphasis on Expanding Renewable Energy Market. For example, it aims at expanding the utility of pumped hydro despite that it is the most common energy storage method.

How to store all the clean energy we can make

How to store all the clean energy we can make

The company has exploited the patenting opportunities available in Santa Barbara and in deed the wider California in order to protect its technology from theft and misuse. In this light, it has filed domestic and international patent that will ensure the protection of its utility-scale energy storage technology.

The application of ARES technology is not limited to US but can also be used around the world. Its greatest advantage is that it does not use water and therefore it does not contribute to noticeable environmental degradation. It employs the power of gravity in order to accomplish its mission. It is most suitable in energy opportunities that entail water and wind energy. The technology can also be utilized to improve the efficacy and performance of traditional power generation systems. In particular, arid zones have a lot to gain from the technology due to their richness in renewable sources of energy. For example, arid zones are known to receive high levels of solar insolation which often goes to waste.

Storing renewable energy on the railway system

Storing renewable energy on the railway system

The technology will provide the same input of the energy storage capabilities of the pumped hydro but with a higher efficiency and lower cost (60 % of the cost). In addition to that, the technology carries the following additional advantages: reactive power production, heavy inertia, high efficiency regulation, and variable input at constant efficiency.

Professionals in ARES technology have been quick to note that the technology does not use fossil fuels, does not do harmful extraction of materials, and does not emit hazardous waste. It enjoys the advantage of scalability thus leaving room for future expansion in the use of a renewable energy facility.

The future for renewable energy storage.

Wind and solar development has been vulnerable to a number of restrictions. Analysts are predicting that this technology will provide a viable and sustainable alternative that faces the problem of energy storage. In addition to that, it will make the energy storage of wind and solar power more reliable for optimal use. Overall, the innovation and development of the technology will be the game-changer in providing more energy storage innovations.

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  • aristide says:

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