The Oldest Wind Turbines in the United States

The Oldest Wind Turbines - ( Solar Thermal Magazine )
San Gorgonio Wind Park in California has some of the nation's oldest wind generating turbines

The Oldest Wind Turbines – ( Solar Thermal Magazine )

The term wind turbine refers to a device that converts kinetic energy derived from the wind into mechanical energy which is in turn used in the production of electricity. Typically, they are mounted on a tower in order to tap optimal energy. Renewable energy enthusiasts as well as historians have sought to learn from the oldest wind turbines in the United States and their contribution to the growth and development of wind energy.

San_Gorgonio_Pass_Wind_Farm home to one of the oldest wind generator in the USA

San_Gorgonio_Pass_Wind_Farm home to one of the oldest wind generator in the USA

The Oldest Wind Turbines

Palm Springs hosts one of the oldest wind turbine in the U.S. It stands at 65 feet tall and has 15-foot blades that carry a rotation of 600 to 700 times in every minute. The wind turbine is hosted at the San Gorgonio Wind Park in Palm Springs- one of the oldest wind farms in the country. So significant are the wind turbines that there are several tourist activities on the farm that seek to explore the geology and other dynamics involving wind turbines. For example, there is a detailed explanation on how the wind turbines sustain energy provision when the wind is unreliable.

The Altamont Pass Wind Farm established wind turbines after the oil crisis of the 1970s. This is because the American government gave incentives on energy practices that were geared towards tableware energy. The main challenge that the wind turbines faced was the fact that they were blamed for the killing of birds. There has been an agreement between the various involved parties that the wind turbines should be replaced by bird-friendly wind turbines.

Altamont Pass Wind Farm

Altamont Pass Wind Farm

Beech Ridge Wind Farm is an old wind farm that is located in West Virginia. The wind turbines in the farm attracted a lot of controversy and opposition. Proponents of the project cited role as a reliable source of renewable energy. The opposing groups held that the wind turbines had a negative impact on the aerial view of its surrounding. Despite the dissident groups, the wind turbines were constructed all the same and there are plans for expansion.
Mehoopany Wind Farm is located in Pennsylvania. It created new sources of electricity and provided jobs that benefited the surrounding communities. It is the largest wind facility in the state. Its wind turbines have been noted for their high efficiency and lasting ability in tapping wind energy.

Beech Ridge Wind Farm has some very old turbines

Beech Ridge Wind Farm has some very old turbines

The King Mountain Wind Farm hosts one of the oldest wind turbines in Texas. The construction of the wind turbines faced a myriad of challenges such as dust, high temperatures, and sand. The wind turbines in the farm are maintained in tandem with Texas reputation as a fertile ground for wind energy (a position that is comparable to Denmark’s position as one of the most successful country in renewable energy projects).

The future for wind energy in the United States.

The history of the wind turbine in the United States has recorded its high and low moments. For example, the 1950s saw many wind turbines shut down due to disuse. The 1980s saw the revival of the application of wind turbines in wind energy solutions. Optimistically, the future is bright as investors in the renewable energy sector seek more opportunities that are provided by wind energy.

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