The Most Durable USB Solar Powered Charger So Far

Testing a solar powered usb charger in the extreme cold
Testing a solar powered usb charger in the extreme cold

You Want Your Portable USB Solar Powered Charger to be Tough – ( Solar Thermal Magazine )

Renewable energy sources have improved almost every part of our lives in ways that we could not even imagine, a few years ago. From solar house heating and cooling systems to the extreme breakthroughs of electric cars and even solar powered airplanes, science keeps reminding us that the sun is an infinite source of clean energy. However, today’s gadgets keep getting smaller and smaller, making them extremely easy to carry. The only disadvantage of this characteristic, one that all portable devices share, is that there is a need for a charger not requiring electric current to operate, since the user might be travelling or being in a remote location where there is no access to an electricity plug socket.

Technology has the answer for another one of our problems and its name is The Badger.

This solar powered usb charger is definitely durable

This solar powered usb charger is definitely durable

The Badger is, perhaps, the most durable USB solar charger we have ever seen. There are numerous videos online showing how it passes even the most brutal toughness tests with flying colors. Let’s name a few, just to help you realize the amazing endurance of this gadget. So far, its developers have thrown a bowling ball on it, shot it with a shotgun, and also had it ran over by a car. In all three cases, the Badger resumed its operation perfectly, offering fast charging to all the devices that were plugged in it.

Another amazing feature that is, also, included in the durability argument is its 100% water proof design. It is really important that everyone understands the meaning of this term. 100% water PROOF, not water resistant like the majority of solar chargers. What this means is that you can literally throw it in a bath tub, a lake or in the sea and once you take it out it will still be usable.

The property that the overwhelming majority of users wants to know about is, of course, charging time. Fortunately, for the consumers, the Badger excels once again. It takes about 1 hour for a full charging of a smart phone, while in the case of tablets, the initial charge time of 5 hours can be reduced significantly by adding one or two extra solar panels. A quick comparison revealed that the three panel charger took a standard tablet from 0% to 100% battery power in around 3 hours. That is a 40% decrease in charging time.

For people wanting to charge their devices even during the night time, Brown Dog Gadgets offers 2 external energy storage devices. One is a 6.000 mAh waterproof flashlight and the other one is a 15.000 mAh brick-like waterproof device. 15.000 mAh is such a huge number, when it comes to electric energy. It can be translated to the ability to charge a smart phone 10 times, perhaps even more than that. So, the Badger is guaranteed to offer you 24 hour non stop charging availability.

Once again, pioneers use the insight offered to them by technological advancements, and offer us another easy way to enhance our travelling experiences and reduce our dependency on electricity plug sockets. The Badger is the best suggestion of the market for people who want a fast, reliable, and durable USB solar charger. Here is the video.

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