New Technology Lets You Store Renewable Energy at Home

Store Renewable Energy at Home
New Infineon Products let Homeowners store renewable energy

Store Renewable Energy at Home – ( Solar Thermal Magazine )

Infineon, a renewable energy technology company, makes a compelling argument for using a more efficient system to store renewable energy in your home. As you might have already noticed, when solar energy is most abundant, you are away from home, and when the energy is needed the most, the sun has usually already set.

It is this discord between supply and demand that has inspired Infineon researchers to develop a technology that improves solar energy storage efficiency, thus substantially improving reliability of renewable energy sources.

Storing renewable energy at home will be the norm in the future

Storing renewable energy at home will be the norm in the future

The biggest problem is that your typical renewable energy generation system experiences massive power losses during the energy storage process. In conventional domestic solar energy systems, a lot of the solar power you require has to be transferred into a battery so that you can use it when you get back home in the evening, at which time you cannot rely on the solar panels because the sun will already have gone down. Unfortunately, this process is very inefficient, which means that a lot of the solar energy that your panels produce goes to waste.

Infineon’s technology is aimed at an energy transfer chain that does not cause any loss in energy. In fact, the technology is currently able to achieve a negligible loss in energy during the transfer from the solar panels to the batteries. The innovation has already been implemented in a couple of homes, and its benefits are undeniable. The homes that are currently using the technology are reporting better results from their solar power systems because the chips help them store renewable energy more effectively.

Basically, the technology consists of chips that regulate how power is transferred into the battery from the solar panels. So, when there is a lot of sunshine and the panels generate a lot of power, the chips lower the voltage going into the battery to improve power conversion efficiency. On the other hand, when the sunshine is lower and the solar panels are only able to produce a little less voltage, the chips adjust the voltage upwards to reduce power loss as the energy is stored in the batteries. The chips are very thin, so the inefficiency they introduce into the energy transfer chain is negligible.

There are a lot of reasons you should think about having this technology if you home runs on renewable solar energy. If you could effectively store renewable energy, you would be able to get better efficiency from your entire solar system, which would translate into benefits such as less solar modules for your power needs. Additionally, having an effective energy storage mechanism would enable you to get more power from your existing solar panels.

More than one benefit from storing renewable energy at home

The new renewable energy storage technology offers existing battery technology a helping hand by introducing a voltage regulation mechanism that improves the conversion of solar energy into stored energy. This translates into two important benefits if you are trying to store renewable energy more efficiently. First of all, you will get more power from your existing solar energy system. Secondly, you can purchase less solar panels in order to attain your energy requirements, and this means reduced spending on solar panels.

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  • Terry Pickard says:

    Maybe I missed something? Isn’t the sophisticated MPPT Charge Controller that should have been installed in any solar/ battery system already doing this job?
    This seems redundant.

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