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Clean Energy in Texas, the War Rages On

Clean Energy in Texas, the War Rages On – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

While the U.S. is beginning to progress in its efforts to utilize clean energy sources, there continues to be a heated debate in Texas, as to whether or not fracking should continue, and if industries that are harming the environment should be punished.

When reading a recent article in the Texas Tribune, I found that while there is a great need to use alternative energy sources, there are political roadblocks, such as a bill, currently awaiting to be passed, that sets a barrier to suing companies which are releasing dangerous emissions such as carbon dioxide. While environmental stakeholders argue that there should be a legal ramifications for this damage, as there are current environmental laws in place to protect Texas citizens from harmful toxins. They argue that these industries should also be held financially responsible, yet the legislature seems to be ruling in the favor of Texas fracking. A concept that is confusing, and appears to be a bit deceptive.

Texas Clean Energy

Despite the struggle, Texas is overcoming its pollutant battles rapidly, through the use of other sustainable clean energy resources. For example, energy provided by wind is in full force, supplying just under 80% of energy in Texas.

Solar energy is also on the rise, as another clean energy source. Texas stands as the sixth state in America that uses the sun for its vitality. This includes energy facilitators such as solar water heaters, sensors for appliances to halt when reaching an electricity maximum, as well as solar panels for homes and businesses.

Texas ranks number one in U.S. biofuels production and usage! This reaches almost 40% of its energy, when added to the conventions of biomass consumption, which is driven from plant sources. The clean energy of Texas has done a fantastic job in the biofuels department, using its soy, canola, and vegetable oil sources, as well as other biological constituents.

While a part of the government aims to support Texas fracking, another part of federal is granting hundreds of millions of dollars to this new clean energy development. Texas has vastly improved in environmental protection and energy consumption efforts over the last decade. Hopefully, power sources will continue to improve and advance clean energy, and override ones that release vicious greenhouse gases.

Clean Energy in Texas, the War Rages On About Gordon Smith
Gordon’s expertise in the area of industrial energy efficiency and alternative energy. He is an experienced electrical engineer with a Masters degree in Alternative Energy technology. He is the co-founder of several renewable energy media sites including Solar Thermal Magazine.

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Clean Energy in Texas, the War Rages On

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